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This is stone veneer

Handmade stone veneer is an uncomplicated product cast of sand, cement, pumice and natures own colour pigment iron oxide. The really tricky part is to make it look 100% authentic as natural stone. Stone Co. represents the largest and oldest manufacturer in the USA, which has spent more than 50 years refining and manufacturing this product to perfection.

The stones are 2-4 cm thick on average, up to 60-70 cm in length, and weigh only 25-45 kg per square meter (depending on type of stone). Installed stone by stone – easy as tiles and clinkers – on ”dead” surfaces such as concrete, keramzit lightweight blocks, aircrete and even (recommended by us) high density building boards on wood constructions. Stone veneer is made for outside use on facades and garden walls. It´s maintenance-free and will last for generations. It will also create amazing indoor environments, for example fireplaces and chimneys, wine cellars, home spas, contrast walls, etc.