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Build a rustic stonewall

Create a unique and personal atmosphere with a rustic stonewall. Whether you want an industrial look or a warm Mediterranean feel, there is a stone wall to suit you. Choose from a number of stocked stone types with different structure, color and shape. Stone walls created with our hand-crafted cladding stone are easy to build and extremely lifelike with an authentic and genuine feel. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are completely maintenance-free. With a rustic stone wall from Stone Co, you create beautiful, heavy and timeless expressions.

  • Simple installation: Façade stone is installed as easily as tiles or clinker.
  • High quality: Over 65 years of production guarantee the highest quality.

Get inspiration and guidance: Feel free to visit our showroom in Halland if you want to see all our different stone walls live.

Contact us if you have questions, want help with quantity or finding the right stone for your project.

About stonewalls from Coronado Stone Products

Coronado Stone Products, for which Stone Co is an agency in Europe, is a leading manufacturer of facade stone since 1959, with 8 factories serving the USA, Canada, Alaska, Mexico and small Stone Co. in Sweden for the European market. Coronado Stone Products offers a variety of stone types to create stone walls for everything from large commercial builds to small whimsical projects at home. Stone Co stocks eight different selected types of stone for fast delivery within Europe

Our handmade stonewalls are cast from sand, cement and pumice. The color is nature’s own pigment: Iron oxide. The same pigments found in natural stone or used in brick manufacturing. Our products are maintenance-free and have an extreme lifespan.